Q. Is there any support that overseas filmmakers can apply for?

Among the support programs listed on this site, the following are open to filmmakers from countries and regions other than Japan: Tokyo Docs, TIFFCOM, and Tokyo Gap-Financing Market.
All other applications must be submitted by filmmakers residing in Japan.

Q. Do I need to register the company I am applying for with organizations in advance, to receive support?

No organization has a registration system for the companies that would be applying. Documents are to be submitted individually of reach application, following which they will be judged for eligibility to receive support.

Q. Is there any support offered for documentaries?

Tokyo Docs is the body that provides support for documentaries.

Q. How can I find out about local government support programs?

Please refer to the Japan Film Commission website for a list of links.

Q. How can I find locations in Japan that are available for filming?

Please refer to the information in the Japan Location Database.

Q. How can I search for information on Japanese films?

You can search and browse for film-related, cast and crew-related, and company-related information on the Japanese Film Database.

Q. Is there a tax credit or other tax incentive system for film production in Japan?

Currently, there is no tax incentive system for film production in Japan.

Q. Are there any countries with which Japan has international co-production agreements?

Japan has signed an international co-production agreement with China.
Outline of Film Co-production Agreement between Japan and China

Q. I would like to access statistics on Japanese films.

The Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan (EIREN) has released data on the film industry.
Statistics Of Film Industry in Japan

Q. I would like to get to know Japanese producers.

We hope you will join us at TIFFCOM, an international content market held every fall in conjunction with the Tokyo International Film Festival, to meet Japanese producers.

Q. Is a film that involves a third country eligible to be recognized as a Japan‒China co-production? Are there any restrictions on the ratio of investment?

Please check Article 6 of the Japan‒China Agreement, which mentions a provision for “co-productions with third countries.”
Film Co-production Agreement between Japan and China