International Co-production Subsidy

”International Co-production Subsidy” is a program of The Agency for Cultural Affairs that supports the production costs of Fiction feature film or animation at least 60 minutes long.

The work must be produced by Japanese and foreign producers. Applications are solicited in the previous fiscal year, and the films must be produced and previewed within the relevant fiscal year(From April to March), so they must be produced and completed within one year.

The applicant must be Japanese corporations/entities, so please consult with a Japanese producer before applying.

Outline The purpose of this project is to support international co-productions, thereby promoting international exchange of talents and leading to the production and dissemination of Japanese films. This project will also promote international cultural exchange through films and contribute to the promotion of Japanese films.
Eligibility ●Applicant must be Japanese corporations/entities that principally operate as and has a track record in feature film production.
●Fiction feature film or animation at least 60 minutes long (“The Work”)with eligible production costs equal to or greater than JPY100M. 
●International co-productions that meet the following requirements:
  ①Japanese citizens (or permanent residents) and foreign citizens without permanent residency in Japan join and contribute to co-production activities.
  ②The Japanese corporations/entities must have financial contribution equal to or more than 20% of the total production budget.
  ③The foreign corporations/entities must have financial contribution equal to or more than 10% of the total production budget.
  ④The individual producer(s) of the Japanese corporation/entity must be credited as one of the main producers.
  ⑤The Japanese corporation/entity should have at least partial ownership of the copyrights and master materials.
  ⑥In principle, the same version of the Work should be released in Japan and overseas.

●The Work must be completed (i.e., a preview of the first print is conducted in Japan) before the end of March of the following year that the application was selected.
●In principle, the Work should be widely distributed in Japan and overseas within a year from completion.
Eligible production costs ●Production costs are defined as subsidy-eligible costs as listed below.

●There are costs deemed not eligible. Please confirm in advance the subsidy application document.
Subsidy Amount●Twenty(20) % of the eligible production costs within the out-of-pocket costs of the Japanese corporations/entities and the cost that incurred by the Japanese corporations/entities during the relevant fiscal year.
●A CAP of JPY 50M for the Work with with eligible production costs between JPY100M to JPY300M. A CAP of JPY 100M for the Work with eligible production costs greater than 300M.

This page provides an outline only. For details, please see the subsidy application document (Japanese only) for the relevant fiscal year. In the case there are any discrepancies between the application documents and this document, the former will supersede the latter.